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About me~  Born in Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma.  Raised in both Oklahoma City and Southern California. Currently live in Moore, a suburb of OKC.  Sold our business of 30 years and retired in 2012.  I love to write/Blog  about my Savior, Jesus, and the wonderful life HE has blessed me with. I’m an author and writer. I’m an adoring  worshiper of my Savior, Jesus.  Faithful and adoring wife and lover of my Sweet William since 1965!  Proud mom of three kids, Tommy & Kim, and Tommy’s wife, Dana, mimi of  grandkid’s, Summer, Cameo, Blake, Chase and his wife, Janeth, Cody and his wife, Tasha, Christian and four great-grandkid’s, Kylie, Tristan, Noah, and Memphis.  My family just keeps growing and I love it, because I’m all about family!

ORDER MY BOOK:   Behold, The Fresh And New Has Come ~ By Sharon Middleton  

Available as Book or digital e-book  Also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ChristianBooks.com or most major bookstores.  



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