I’ve always been aware that I am a strong woman… physically and mentally….I’m persistent, determined, resolute, with endurance, stamina and staying power. I inherited it, (Tenacity) from my mom!! You just keep on keeping on!! Just get it done! This attribute can be a good thing or not so good. It also means to be stubborn and obstinate!! I have learned a lot about me the last couple of years!! And I have added some new abilities to myself. Well, God has added!!! 🙄 I have never been one to just let things pass… had to always address them. I have learned to quietly endure whatever was bothering me and just let it go. People are just who they are… what can you do other than just wait and let God handle it. God loves each of us and is perfecting us for His kingdom. One of the hardest things for me to do was to let things pass!!##%$!! But recently I’m seeing this new friend as a part of my makeup. Thank you Jesus for the gift of tenacity.
Getting it done for Jesus! And doing it quietly. You don’t always have to respond. They don’t listen anyway. ha


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