New Years Resolutions, NOT


sharons book cover photoHappy January 1, 2017
….For many years I have kept a diary/notebook with all my thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals, prayers, bible studies, words, inspirations, and instructions from God. It’s weird, but I always get excited when I have completely filled a notebook and it’s time to start a new one. It’s like a fresh new start or beginning, I can hardly wait to get home with it and spend some time praying and then listening for Gods voice as He gives me new revelations, or new directions for my life…. updates to whats ahead, or changes that may be coming. Sometimes it’s changes I need to make in my life, negative stuff that’s holding me back from success in a particular area of my life. This is exactly what I feel each New Year! I hear some suggest, well, it’s just another day. I guess it’s just how each of us perceive it…I see it as an opportunity to make a change or maybe to begin a new way of improving me, a new chance to draw closer to the Lord, my husband or others in my life, whom I love with all my heart, but may not always show it. I’m rambling here….. My thoughts this morning while everyone still sleeps…. I’m 67 years old, I need to lose weight, I need to take better care of “me”, I need to sleep more, exercise more, which is really dumb of me, seeing that my Son, Tommy, (love u Tommy) is a personal Trainer….. I did try his boot camp for awhile, lost weight, got stronger, felt better, slept better…. so why did I quit?!!? Still rambling here…. I am not a procrastinator, I am a get it done kind of person in most areas of my life, in keeping house, responsibilities in my life, in things of the Lord, but as I’m writing this morning, I’m seeing so clearly that my area of weakness is in taking good care of “me”. My daughter in law, Dana whom I so love, has a spa, where they offer services such as… facials, chemical peels, massages, permanent makeup, eyelashes, fantastic line of skin care that she developed, mani-pedis, the list just goes on and on….all this at my beck and call, and still I neglect myself?!!? That is where my thoughts are this morning as I begin a new notebook and a new year…..
Sounds as if I’m about to make a New Years Resolution here?!!? but, really…. Why are Resolutions so easily given up on, broken, put off til the next year? Why does our resolve to get it done begin to waver by January 5th, or so?
Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.
synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan, decidedness, decisiveness, determinedness, firmness, granite, purposefulness, resoluteness, determination, resolve, stick-to-itiveness
antonyms: doubt, indetermination, uncertainty; aversion, disinclination, indisposition, reluctance, unwillingness, hesitation, indecision, indecisiveness, irresoluteness, irresolution, vacillation, halt, stalemate
Two years ago I began a horrendous year of illness that put me in bed and brought a stop to all that I loved to do…the illness lasted one year…. I had 100% bowel blockage, I had three surgeries, a temporary colonostomy, was home bound with homecare coming in, could not clean my house, etc. my Sweet William took care of the house, and cooking, and me! I absolutely hated it!!! I felt like a closed in prisoner…. I determined that the bowel blockage was due to my not taking care of myself…so I “resolved” that I would begin to work on that area of my life….. I started out with a bang, my husband and I began walking every day, eating more healthy, and then gradually it all just fizzled out.
I resolve to “NOT” make a resolution this year! Instead… I make a firm decision to begin a plan to take better care of myself “ME”. A plan that will work for me. A plan that involves healthy, gradual changes. I make a firm decision to begin life changes thats all about “ME”… and no one else. I tend to worry to much about what others think about me…. I make a firm decision to care about what God thinks and I think and less about what others think. Does this sound selfish?? Maybe?!? Probably?!? But if they love me, they will understand!
Baby steps, instead of huge leaps and bounds, that are ever lasting, gradual long lasting changes in my, “OUR” diet… I’m including My Sweet William, here! If I just make gradual changes, maybe he won’t notice that his dinner is not fried every night, but just once or twice a week… ha! Think I’m on to something. Maybe I can come up with a recipe for “Healthy” cookies for him. Yep! He’s the cookie monster! Kimberly..(I love u Kinley)no more homemade chocolate or peanut butter cookies for your dad, or bags of sweets for his special occasions. Just because he’s slim and trim doesn’t mean he’s eating healthy??!! Besides, I end up eating them too!!!
2017 is the year for Me and My Sweet William (aka: Bill) to get moving and eating great, yummy, delicious, yet, healthy stuff! Check back in with ya’ll on more of this subject in 2018!!!!
Sharon Middleton,
BTW; Do you “know” my Savior? His Name is Jesus, the King of all Kings and the Lord of all Lords. Jesus is the “Only” Name given whereby men can be saved! Ask Him in today, into your heart, into your life, you’ll never regret it!