I’ve been reminded this week of some sacrifices I made in life.  Funny, but I never considered them sacrifices…  To me they were choices I made to live our life in a way that made sense.  When My husband and I first married, we were both very young…. very young!!! We started our family right away.  We planned it that way.  We wanted to have our children young, enjoy them, raise them, and we would still be young enough to enjoy our life once they were grown and out of the nest!  Most people get married, wait 4 or 5 years to start their family, to travel, have some fun, etc.   Like I said, choices!  In this life, you have to figure out what works for you, what’s most important to you… and your mate.

My husband and I made the choice for me to be a stay at home mom.  That took sacrificing…  one pay check, my husband working harder to make an income that we could live with, learning to live with less money, learning to tell ourselves no to things we wanted, not needed….me having more responsibility for the kids, each of us doing without things that we would like to have, but could live without….  we bought a small home, nothing fancy about it. We used coupons, shopped from a list, passed up T-Bone steaks, but still ate well.  I could go on and on. We shared one car for many years.   When I needed to use the car, I loaded up my two kids and took him to work, and picked him up after work.  We made it all work.  Sure it was tough at times, but you do what you need to do to live the kind of life you have chosen.  We were the last to get color television, the last to get cable TV, etc.  We planned and saved to take some fun family vacations.  We loved to go camping and fishing, which made great family time.

My point in all of this…. we must make a choice early on in what we want in life, what’s most important to us, as a couple and as a family.  With that comes compromise and sacrifice, whether you choose to both work at  jobs, to have all the toys in life, or not.  It’s all a matter of life choices.  When you are making these choices, make sure that your choices only affect you.  When your choices affect other people’s lives, extended families lives, your kids lives….  you need to regroup, rethink and ask yourself, who should be making sacrifices here, for “MY” life choices?  Your kids did not get a vote in this life choice, but most definitely are affected.  Your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. did not get a say in your life choice, so are they being affected? When you and your mate make a choice on how you will live your life….  “You” alone are responsible for it.  The sacrifices made should be made by both of you, and only you.  If your life plan involves the sacrificing of others outside your home, you are affecting their life plans, goals, and dreams.  Even if they are sacrificing their life dreams out of love for you…  it is still depriving them of living out their choices and dreams they have worked for and sacrificed for.

For most people, it takes years to accumulate the toys in life.  Today it seems that people want all of it, without waiting and without sacrifice…..  this can lead to financial situations that you will have to painfully deal with….  and you alone are responsible for!  You made the life choice to rush into wanting it all before you were financially stable.

Choices! Sacrifice!  It’s in your ballpark, it’s in your hands, and you alone will have to pay the consequences later if you get it wrong!!!

I usually write on spiritual matters.  But guess what?  This is a major spiritual matter!  In your life choices, it would be a good idea to get God involved in the decisions. Pray and ask Him for wisdom and understanding in all matters in you and your families life….  and then… listen and follow His lead!

Sharon D. Middleton

BTW:  Do you know my Savior? His Name is Jesus!!  The only Name given whereby men can be saved.


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