Most Remarks Should Remain Unspoken

Responsibility remains within each of us to guard our words carefully that we not hurt and offend others.  I realize there are people who are ultra sensitive and watch for things to offend them. .. I’m not talking about those people.  I’m talking about me and you, people who sometimes speak without thinking.  I bought a statue years ago and presented it to someone I loved dearly, I should have given it to myself!  On it was written, ” BE SURE BRAIN IS ENGAGED BEFORE OPENING MOUTH”.  I cringe at the idea of me presenting that to anyone.  I’m sure that all of us sometimes say hurtful or inappropriate things to others.  But then there are those who make it their mission in life to set everyone straight.  They feel that they must bring correction to all who do and say anything they disagree with. If someone ask for raised hands of anyone guilty of this, both of my hands must go up.  Sometimes we have a core belief system that is hard to override.  I have spent many years working at teaching myself to think first or shut up.  We must remember that our job description is not being the Holy Spirit in other peoples lives. 

  Heavenly Father,  I ask you to put a guard over my mouth, my words, that I not offend or hurt people with anything I say.  I want to be a person that speaks grace, love and kindness.  Someone who lifts up and encourages everyone I come in contact with.  God, you alone are my Holy Spirit and you alone are other peoples Holy Spirit.  That makes you our editor, filter, and prompter.

I would like to be a person who walks through life picking up the broken pieces of those who have been shattered by others words.  But at the same time, I would like to help those who are too easily offended. Use me Lord to help them to rise above those hurtful words and stop allowing satan to use them against themselves and the person who spoke them, sometimes for years. I have done this myself.  We have all heard the phrase, Carrying the torch.  Usually talking about love…..  but are we carrying a torch of offense that satan set up to defeat us or separate us from people.  Even church people!  It’s time to hand off the torch of offense!  Don’t pass it to others, thus causing them to carry that offense!  It’s time to hand it over to the right torch carrier.  Hand it over to GOD and let it go.  It no longer belongs on your shoulders or in your heart.  We are commanded in Gods Word, to forgive.  That does not mean to forgive but still think about it and feed and nourish it.  FORGET IT and never give credence to it again.  You hurt yourself and others, and hold back some of Gods blessings in your life.  Choose to forgive!  Choose to love unconditionally and release from grudge and bitterness, the offender.  Whether we are the offender or the offended,  allow The Holy Spirit of God to bring correction and healing to your life and the life of others.  Don’t let satan be the winner here. 

Sharon Middleton