That’s Not My Job Description!

That’s NOT My Job Description!

I hear people jokingly say, that is NOT my job description.  As a mostly stay at home wife, mom, and mimi (grandmother & great-grandmother, I really never gave much thought to what my job description would be.  I have had jobs here and there, down through the years.  I worked for four years in a Christian school, I sold Real Estate for a few years, have had many positions in the church, but that was all volunteer work or work done as unto the Lord.  But I guess these things would still require a job description.  I’ve been referred to as a jack of all trades in church work… not much I haven’t done in the church.  But now as I approach the golden years, I feel my heart yearning to do something that really counts, something that really helps in Gods plan for His people.

As a child, I was the deliverer of truth to the adults ( a tattle tale).  My mom tells me that when something happened which involved all children present, she could always count on me to tell her the truth of what really happened, even if it was one of my siblings or myself that was in the wrong.  But as an adult, this gift of truth bearing has evolved into setting people straight at times. 🙂  When I see things, especially in my loved ones, that I know just isn’t right or could bring hard times to them…..   I feel compelled to bring enlightenment to their life.  :O  I’ve been told a time or two, to but out, but told in a nice way… well, most of the time!?  LOL  I am slowly learning that I can trust God to set my loved ones straight.   🙂

That is trully what is in my heart and my spirit to do.  I want to be a deliverer of “TRUTH”.   Down through the years God has used me in teaching and speaking His Truth (His Word).  And more recently He has started me on a journey of delivering His Truth (His Word) in written form.  I am really enjoying writing…..  due to the fact that I really like to be heard, which is usually verbal!  😉  God has reminded me that even in the midst of my butting in, for the most part it was to ensure that my loved ones would know the Truth of what Gods Word has for us, and when we abide in it, we can learn His promises to claim and stand on, for our children and grandchildren and all those we love.  We are simply watching out for their “souls”.

Jeremiah 31:15-17  Thus says the Lord: A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more. [Matt. 2:18.] Thus says the Lord: Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be rewarded ., says the Lord; and [your children] shall return from the enemy’s land. And there is hope for your future, says the Lord; your children shall come back to their own country.

This promise from Gods Word has brought peace to my heart on so many occasions.

Sharon D. Middleton

BTW:  Do you know my Savior?  Jesus is His Name


In Faith Believing~

In Faith Believing~

Down through the years I have read this verse many many times, I have even confessed this verse many times, yet…..

How do you get to the place of “IN FAITH, BELIEVING”?

James 1:6-8 (KJV) But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

James 1:6-8  (AMP) Only it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering (no hesitating, no doubting). For the one who wavers (hesitates, doubts) is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.  For truly, let not such a person imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord, [For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].

Matthew 21:22   (Amp)  And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.

Galatians 3:9   (Amp)  So then, those who are people of faith are blessed and made happy and favored by God [as partners in fellowship] with the believing and trusting Abraham.

We receive Salvation because we have faith for it.  The Holy Spirit of God comes and offers us this great gift Of forgiveness and eternal life…. and we simply take Him at His Word.  Thus,  we have faith to open our hearts and ask Him in and by “faith in Him, God,” we believe we have it.  Seems like such a simple thing to do.  But then we come to a place in our Christian walk, where we must try to believe God for something “HUGE”.  Maybe our child is very sick, or we have a very serious financial need, maybe we are on the verge of losing our home.  These things seem so huge in our eyes, but, what can be harder to believe than the fact that, “IF” you will choose to believe in a “GOD” you have never seen, that he will come in and literally live, take up residence, abide forever more in your human heart.  Yet, we do believe and receive Him and His forgiveness and His gift of eternal life.  But, In   Faith, Believing doesn’t, end here!  Salvation is all inclusive, in other words, the gift of Salvation is not just a ticket to heaven.  But it covers deliverance, health and healing, prosperity, victory, welfare, liberty, rescue & safety (personal, national or spiritual).

When we have a need, we go to our Heavenly Father, make our petition known, believe that we have it …..   here is where it gets tricky! BELIEVE!  Believe that we have the petition we ask for and we shall have it.  In faith, believing!!!

James 1:6-8  (AMP) Only it must be in faith that he asks with no wavering (no hesitating, no doubting). For the one who wavers (hesitates, doubts) is like the billowing surge out at sea that is blown hither and thither and tossed by the wind.  For truly, let not such a person imagine that he will receive anything [he asks for] from the Lord, [For being as he is] a man of two minds (hesitating, dubious, irresolute), [he is] unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything [he thinks, feels, decides].

A man of two minds, thus double minded!  The Strong’s Concordance says…..

G1374   (dipsuchos)  Two spirited, that is vacillating (in opinion and purpose): double minded

Two spirits are pulling on us.  The Spirit of God and an evil spirit. Thus, we become unstable in all our ways.

James 1:6  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.  NO Hesitation, NO drawing back, NO Staggering in unbelief, NOT Tossed about, NO vacillating in our opinion or purpose, we are not to contend with the devil!!!!!  That is Gods job!! And He’s quite good at it.  Our job description is to read Gods Word and trust that what it says is “FACT”.  Am I trying to get you fired up?  Yes, I am!

What just now dropped into my spirit is……  Our God is so awesome.  He wants to grow us up in Him and His Word.  He wants to give us something we can confidently stand on…stand our ground!  When you’ve done all to stand, Just keep on standing!!  Because our God is TRUE TO HIS WORD and you can take that to the bank!

BTW: Do you know my Savior, Jesus?  I’d love to introduce you to HIM.

Sharon D. Middleton

Called By My Name

Called By My Name 

I’m asking myself this morning, what does this really mean?

If My people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, pray , seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.                        2 Chronicles 7:14

There are many people in this world, who serve a god.  I am quite certain that each one of them believe that their god is the one true god.  So many people criticize Christians for proclaiming that our God is the only God.  And yes, I am one of those who strongly believe that there is only one God.  I believe that the bible is the Word of God, given to us to live by, to draw strength from, to hear Gods voice through.

This is the first in a series of study on why I believe that our Heavenly Father is the one true God, in fact, the only living God.  I will write on my findings of why all other gods are false gods and have no life-giving qualities in them, for the people who bow down to them and serve them.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior on October 6, 1974.  On that day of deciding to follow Him, I took on His Name.  I wanted to be a witness to others and proclaim that He was the One True Living God, and I repented of my sins , asking Him to come into my heart and my life, and be my Lord and Savior.  And He did!  I knew that He was a Living God, because of the immediate change I felt and saw in my life.  The more I read and studied from His Word, the bible, the better I grew, the more I saw negative bad habits begin to leave me.  People would ask me, what has happened to you, you’re not the same person.  God’s grace had begun the work to overhaul me and make me into what God had intended for my life;  A Kinder, more generous, tender-hearted, compassionate, person.  I began to love people instead of hating them.  Not that I could love everyone at this point in my walk with Christ.  But I had began to grow in these area’s.

I was called by His Name.  I had become a part of Gods family, thus, If My people who are called by My Name…..         I recently became aware of exactly what God meant in this bible verse.

I am by HIS NAME, meaning, I have been given the honor and the distinction of being His child, a part of His family, carrying His name.   God saved me, forgave me, and placed in me a calling.

When my grandson’s were young, I would tell them, that they were Middleton’s.  Their grandfather, my husband, was such  a man of integrity and a Christian, that they should honor him by respecting his name, and living a life that honored the name that they also carried. The oldest grandson is working toward a life as a Highway Patrolman, my second grandson enlisted in the US Air Force , and the Youngest grandson  recently enlisted in the US Navy, plus they are all born again Christians.  Their Papa is so proud of each of them and will gladly tell you all about each of them.  We have also have two granddaughters, plus a great-granddaughter, as well as two great-grandsons.  I firmly believe that they will also carry the Middleton name honorably, as well as carrying God’s Name with honor and respect.

I want to always walk forth in this life bringing honor to my Heavenly Father.

BTW:  Do you know my Savior?  Jesus is His Name.